Where the Road to Your Pharmaceutical Security Begins

Within the massive grounds of Pioneer facilities exist our spacious warehouses dedicated to the storage and management of our pharmaceutical products. From the moment our products enter our warehouses until they reach the hands of healthcare professionals and patients, every step is meticulously orchestrated to ensure product integrity and uninterrupted availability.

Top global suppliers
of raw materials

An enterprise resource
planning system (ERP)

ISO-GMP standards and
safety management system.

Pioneer includes 4 primary warehouses in our main production facilities in Al-Sulaymaniyah, each with a specific purpose and uncompromised maintenance standards

Raw Materials Warehouse

Encompasses all the raw materials used in the pharmaceutical production process including active and inactive materials.

Packaging Materials Warehouse

Encompasses all the packaging materials utilized in the wrapping the medicines after their production.

Finished Product Warehouse

Encompasses all the manufactured products from the our factories.

Spare Materials Warehouse

Encompasses all the materials required for the maintenance of production machinery.